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We, the members of the Healthy Community Cabinet for the City of Greater Sudbury, believe a healthy community is one which embraces a broad vision of health through intentional and balanced economic, environmental and social development. We believe that when the values of the healthy community are shared, we will enhance overall public health and sustainability.

We embrace the World Health Organization’s definition of a Healthy Community as a place which is constantly improving its physical and social environment and, using the resources of the community, enables its citizens to help each other carry out their daily tasks and develop their potential.
We support the United Nations University Regional Centres of Expertise model for sustainable development, which seeks to engage people of all ages in the assumption of responsibility for creating a sustainable future through public awareness, education and training.
The Healthy Community Charter focuses on four priorities:
  • Human Health and Well-being;
  • Environmental Sustainability;
  • Civic Engagement/Social Capital; and
  • Economic Vitality.

This Healthy Community Charter will bring together expertise from government, education, business, planning, parks and recreation, economic development, public health, public safety, emergency services, community groups and individual residents, to create a supportive and caring environment that fosters active living and wellness, now and into the future. 

We see progress towards a healthier sustainable Civic Engagement community requiring strong political leadership, broad participation and community engagement. Through concerted effort and action, we can improve the quality of our community and individual health through:

  • capacity building for leadership and diversity;
  • partnerships;
  • education; and
  • advocacy for change.
We, the members of the Healthy Community Cabinet of the City of Greater Sudbury, recognize our civic responsibility as stewards of the community and the importance of taking action, through:

        mentoring        modeling
        education         advocacy

To ensure that future generations enjoy an enhanced quality of life and have access to the same opportunities and benefits available today, organizations and individuals will contribute to a healthier community by supporting local, provincial and national initiatives and by working to move Greater Sudbury towards:

Human Health and Well-being
A community that
  • encourages individuals to take ownership of their health and well being
  • supports individual and family wellness and safety programs
  • assigns appropriate resources to build capacity and equitable access for all
Environmental Sustainability
A community that
  • takes pride in its neighbourhoods
  • practices, protects, and preserves its natural assets for future generations
  • regulates and enforces further environmental protection initiatives
Civic Engagement/Social Capital
A community that
  • celebrates and encourages individual and group contributions
  • adds economic, environmental and social value through collective and corporate social responsibility
  • is responsive and open to individual and neighbourhood diversity and supports safe communities
Economic Vitality
A community that
  • supports and promotes what it has to offer
  • fosters local employment, skill development and investment in new business ventures
  • provides resources to encourage and promote existing and new business opportunities

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